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EABS provides tailored Internet Connectivity and IP Solutions to corporate, small/medium businesses and home users.

Video Conferencing

Use video conferencing to accomplish what you cannot in person.

Improve productivity by meeting with people in multiple countries in one day, or with hundreds of people at once. Attend meetings on your own time, replay important material, and easily navigate on keywords and speakers.

With the current technology advances, EABS have introduced high quality Video conferencing solutions that simplifies communications and contributes to general working efficiency in all sectors (Local Government, Banking, Education, Health, Hospitality etc..). With EABS’s Video Conferencing Services, you will be able to;

Significantly save travel costs

In today’s globalized economy and considering the constant climb of air travel & accommodation prices, smart organizations are finding alternatives. One of the most suitable solutions to cut these cost is the introduction of video conferencing system replacing in-person business trips and facilitate real-time meetings between teams in different locations

Improve communication

Video conferencing restores many visual cues necessary in long distance communication. With our Video conferencing solutions there is a guarantee for the improvement of real-time interactions and immediate informed decisions as opposed to audio and emails communications.

Increased Productivity

With EABS’s Video Conference services, important meetings are shorter and more effective.  Video conferencing would save a minimum of two hours a week with the technology. The interactivity of group collaboration and document sharing greatly increases productivity.

Enjoy Conferencing quality

Video Conferencing becomes more effective and productive only when the quality of video and audio are very clear and smoothly continuous. With EABS’s Video conferencing system, customers will experience excellent, reliable audio and video quality and become more efficient in their daily activities.

Support Government environmental initiatives

Video conferencing is an obvious “green” technology, allowing organizations to mitigate energy use by dramatically reducing the need to travel. By communicating over video, organizations can also substantially reduce their carbon footprint and help ensure a basis for regulatory compliance. With tools that